Starting Up

When the SHC is powered up an "OnStep" splash screen will appear for a few seconds then it'll tell you it's trying to connect.  At this point the SHC presents a signal to OnStep on it's ST4 port to indicate that a SHC is present.  After a couple of seconds OnStep reconfigures the ST4 port lines for synchronous serial comms and the SHC will start displaying the RA, Dec, and status information.


While the menus' will help guide you through the selections it's good to know how the keys function.  At the center is the s[MENU] ift key, at the bottom are the [F1] [F2] feature keys.


[E] [MENU] [W]

[F1]  [S]  [F2]


  • Simply pressing [N],[S],[E],[W] guides in that direction.
  • Normally, a click on [MENU] cycles through the display of RA/Dec, Alt/Az, Time, and (optionally) ambient conditions.
    • When doing an align, a click of the [MENU] key instead accepts the align star once you've centered it using [N],[S],[E],[W]
  • Normally, a double click on [MENU] brings up feature key selection menu to select from the guide rate, reticle light or utility light on the [F1] and [F2] keys. 
    • Pressing the [F1] or [F2] keys then adjusts the feature selection (guide rate faster/slower, light brighter/dimmer)
    • When doing an align, a double click of the [MENU] key instead allows selecting a different align star (after the goto to the prior align star completes.)  Also, during an align, the [F1] and [F2] keys work only for guide rate selection.
  • A long press on [MENU] brings up the menus
    • The [N],[S] keys then move up/down the menu selections.
    • The [W] key selects a menu item.
    • The [E] key navigates back to the prior level.

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