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                             WiFiDir Wireless WiFi Telescope Control For Skywatcher / Orion mounts:  The adapter has 2 modes of work: TTL Mode and RS232 Mode Connected directly to the mount`s body bypassing the Synscan hand controller (with the switch in TTL mode) Connected to the Synscan hand controller (with the switch in RS232 position) In both cases the adapter is autopowered from mount`s or Synscan hand controller. You will need tu use the apropiate software depending if you connect via mount`s body or Synscan hand controller according to this table; For LX200 - Style Mounts. Include LX200 LX400 LX600 Classic / GPS and other Meade mounts with 6 pin RJ11 RS232 port. For this mounts the adapter must be in RS232 position to work. How it works: The adapter creates a TCP data conection between the software and microcontroller, the conection settings are made from the adapter web interface, to enter the configuration pages you need to connect to WiFiDir ssid and type on your browser the adapter IP address, by default is: the default password is “password” You can change then the adapter settings to mach your aplication or change your aplication settings to mach the adapter settings. The data conection is made throught the adapter configurable “Data port” Web server port is only used for serve the configuration pages and should be 80 or 23, can be config to any but 80 & 23 are the standart web ports that browsers check firts when you enter a IP address. The adapter can work as access point (smartphone conects to the adapter) or as station (the adapter connects to you wifi network). For station mode “Static IP” option from WiFiDir adapter must be unchecked unless your previously configured your router to accept the adapter Static IP. Restore default settings: If you enter wrong credentials for your ap in station mode or you do not remember them, the adapter can reboot with default settings in this way: About 0,5 seconds after power on the module press the "RESET" button for 4 seconds, then release the button, the adapter will reset automatically with default setings. Make your own cable WiFiDir adapter can work for other mounts or for other aplications, you can make your own cable according to this table: Telescope mount compatibility WiFiDir EQ6                                 Skywatcher EQ6 / NEQ6 WiFiDir HEQ5                               Skywatcher HEQ5 AZ-EQ3 AZ-EQ5 AZ-EQ6 EQ6R-PRO EQ8 WiFiDir AZ                                    Skywatcher AZ Dobsonians WiFiDir LX200                              Meade LX200 LX400 LX600 Classic / GPS *Custom cable making for other mounts or aditional cable purchasing is available, just mail to with information about your mount model.  
WiFi Server Config Screenshot (Click to enlarge)
HW Virtual Serial Port: This software creates a COM port throught TCP to allow Windows based astronomical aplications like EQMod comunicate throught WIFiDir adapter,  this version is for windows but there is many other  ones for MAC  and Linux. Download from here: HW Virtual Serial Port 2.5.10
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*SynSacn Mobile ASCOM  Driver can be used instead  of HW Virtual Serial Port
WiFiDir Model