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                     ONSTEP UNIVERSAL MOUNT CONTROLLER  - V2 OnStep is a computerized telescope goto controller, based on Arduino control of stepper motors and is an original project by Howard Dutton, OnStep is compatible with LX200 protocol and have a lot of features but this site refers only to Instein EQ5/G11/G8 and shortly EQ6 goto kits. The drive supports any ecuatorial mount (GEM, Fork, etc.) as well as Alt-Az mounts (including Dobsonians, and the like.) The purpose is to provide support and firmware upgrades exclusivelly to Instein drive and mount kits, wich ones will be updated with some of the lastest features implemented by Howar Dutton. Because the original project has a lot of features that could complicate the understanding, i implemented only the ones i think to be the most relevants.
ONSTEP EQ5 GOTO KIT Should fit on all EQ5-Style mounts, tested to fit on SW EQ5, Celestron CG5, Bresser Exos 2. Total reduction factor: 360:1 Stepper Motors: Nema 42, 0,9º Step size, Holding torque: Resolution: 0,035 arc-sec (256us interpolated) Step Size: 0,281 arc-sec PEC Buffer Size: 600s Slew Rate: 400x (12VDC) 600x(18VDC) Package Content: Drive, Motors, chasis, RJ45 1m cables, belts, pulleys, screws and 2 plastic clamps for 1,5” or 2” tripod legs. Package Size : 1,2 Kg, 20 x 15 x 10 cm Price: 295€ Plus Shipping costs Purchase & Shiping: From Spain to worldwide, contact to, many shipping options are available.  
Original project developper, Howard Dutton: Main project discussion forum:
HARDWARE As is a very complete and customizable system i decided to make my own hardware design. Enclosure of choice was a black anodized aluminum project box, work with aluminum is much hard than ABS plastic but the quality is the best, aluminum enclosure works as electromagnetic shield and heatsink sametime. Main MCU used is a Robotdyn Mega 2560 Pro Embed, this board, unlike standard Arduino Mega2560 boards, incorporates a dedicated quartz cristal oscilator for MCU, this feature ensure precise tracking at temperature changes. Aditionally a external mode switch has been added to enable/disable MCU bootloader. The built-in wifi module is a ESP-07S, an ESP8266 based wifi module with better functionality; ipex antenna connector and electromagnetic shield. TMC2130 Stepper drivers for smoooth and silent movement up to 256 real microstepping, to save MCU workload, during tracking, the drivers are configured to hight microstepping and during slew are configured to low microstepping, process is automatic. The drivers are in thermal contact with the upper case for optimal heat disipation.
Top panel incorporates the flash/reset button used to wifi firmware update or reset wifi credentials to default settings.
Bottom panel incorporates 2xM5 threads to easy fix the drive to a pier or install clamps. The left bottom bore is where the the BME280 weather sensor has been installed.
Front side panel; COM1 is the main com port, drive can be controlled directly with a standard micro-usb cable with no need of signal conversion adapters. Used too for main MCU and internal wifi adapter firmware upgrade. Mode switch enable/disable main MCU bootloader: Must be always in 0 position for normal operation (for prevent the drive autoreset when is conected to a PC) and in 1 position only for firmware upload. Drive can be powered from 12 to 18VDC to allow higher slew rates, by default up to 600X for EQ5 and Losmandy G8/G11 mount kits. DC IN is standard 5,5x2,1mm conector, center tip is positive, internal 1A medium speed fused and reverse polarity protection.
Rear side panel; 8 pin RJ45 connectors has been installed for secure and comfortably bipolar motor connection throught standadrd ethernet cable, 2 RJ45 pins are used per motor wire, yelow leds indicates the drive is power on, green leds flash when each axis is moving (no matter if tracking or slewing), green leds also fast flash during firmware upload. ST4/SHC: 6 pin RJ12 modular connector, OnStep standard pinout. Can be used as standard ST4 port or a digital smart hand control can be plugged to it. COM2 port; expansion TTL port, the conectivity can be extended plugging a bluetooth adapter, ethernet adapter, cable adapter or an aditional wifi adapter.
BUILT-IN WIFI WEB SERVER All control features can be controlled throught the built-in wifi server using any web browser, it is accesible by tiping the site ip: The default SSID is “OnStep” and default password is “password”. Wifi credentials and wifi mode can be changed by user throught “wifi” settings tab. By default, wifi mode is set to Acess Point Mode (external wifi devices initialize the connection to the wifi server) but can be configured too in Station Mode (wifi server initialize the connection to a external wireless device such a wireless router or an android device) so the drive can be controlled remotelly throught your network and/or internet.
ANDROID APP All control features can be controlled simultaneously too throught android OnStep APP, the app can establish connection throught built-in wifi web server and throught a external ethernet adapter or bluetooth adapter conected to COM2 port. To communicate with the drive throught wifi, the app need to be configured with the ip and port: in the “Connection” tab. When the web server is configured in Station Mode the IP should be normally assigned by DHCP and the app must be configured to use the new IP, port number remains unaltered; 9999
ASCOM DRIVER All control features can be controlled simultaneously too throught ASCOM driver, wich it support both conection types, network and serial, throught com1, com2 or built in web server command channel (
DRIVE FEATURES Weather Sensor: Take external temperature, presure and humidity and automatically calculates dew point and refraction rate compensation (if enabled for 1 or 2 axis). Data is shown throught IP AdDress. Refraction Rate Compensation: Optionally adjust tracking rate to compensate for atmospheric refraction, can be turned on/off with the :Te# and :Td# commands, android app or SkyPlanetarium software. Up to 6 star Goto assisted polar correction aligment. Permanent PEC Set home and park positions. Set overhead limit, Horizon limit, Meridian E/W limits Set backslash correction. Meridian Flip Pause: If disabled, OnStep will travel directly across a meridian flip without visiting the home position Automatic Meridian Flip Android APP/Smart Hand Control Catalogs: Solar System, Messier, NGC/IC, Herschel, Bright Stars, User Catalog. Slew speeds: Selectable, from 150X(0,6º/s) to 600X(2,4º/s) Manual Speed/Guiding Speed: Selectable; 0,5X, 1X, 8X, 24X 300X. 1x recomended for guiding. Tracking: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar, Custom: Adjustable compensated rate by +/- 0,1Hz increments (0,00166X) Built-in Wifi settings reset: 1 second after power on the drive, press the reset button and maintain it pressed for another 5 seconds, release the button and power of the drive, in the next power on the drive will start with default SSSID, password and AP wifi mode. Never press the reset button while powering on the drive unless you want to enter in firmware flashing mode. Open Source Arduino Code. Upgradeable Firmware: for both main MCU and built-in wifi adapter. Power: From 12VDC 18VDC. (for 400X to 600X Slew rates) Current: Standby (not tracking): 0,3A - While 1 Axis Moving: 0,45A - While 2 Axis Moving: 0,6A. 1A Medium speed fused.
ST4/SHC Pinout: 6 Pin Modular RJ12: Pin #1  5VDC Out - 650mA autorecovery fused. Pin #2  GND Pin #3  RA+ East Pin #4  DE+ North Pin #5  DE-  South Pin #6  RA-  West COM2 pinout: 4 Pin Modular RJ9 Pin #1  5VDC Out - 650mA autorecovery fused. Pin #2  GND Pin #3  TTL RX <--- Pin #4  TTL TX --->
OnStep EQ5 GoTo Kit Install Guide
Actual Drive V2 is different from pictures
ONSTEP LOSMANDY G8/G11 GOTO KIT Motor hardware is the same for G8/G11 mounts, only step calculations change for G8 (180 teeth wormgear) or G11 (360 teeth wormgear). Total reduction factor: G8: 180:1  G11: 360:1 (both direct attach to wormgear) Stepper Motors: Nema 42, 0,9º Step size, Holding torque: Resolution: (Same for G8 and G11) 0,035 arc-sec (256us interpolated) Step Size: 0,28 arc-sec PEC Buffer Size: G8: 240s  G11: 480s Slew Rate: G8: 600x (12VDC) G11: 400x (12VDC) 600x(18VDC) Package Content: Drive, Motors, chasis, RJ45 1m cables, motor couples, screws and aluminium profile for pier fix. Package Size : 1,2 Kg, 20 x 15 x 10 cm Price: 295€ Plus Shipping costs Purchase & Shiping: From Spain to worldwide, contact to, many shipping options are available.  
Actual Drive V2 is different from pictures
OnStep G8/G11 GoTo Kit Install Guide