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                          BTDir - BLUETOOTH TELESCOPE CONTROL For Skywatcher / Orion mounts: The adapter has 2 modes of work: TTL Mode and RS232 Mode Connected directly to the mount`s body bypassing the Synscan hand controller (with the switch in TTL mode) Connected to the Synscan hand controller (with the switch in RS232 position) In both cases the adapter is autopowered from mount`s or Synscan hand controller. You will need tu use the apropiate software depending if you connect via mount`s body or Synscan hand controller according to this table; For LX200 - Style Mounts. Include LX200 LX400 LX600 Classic / GPS and other Meade mounts with 6 pin RJ11 RS232 port. For this mounts the adapter must be in RS232 position to work. Make your own cable WiFiDir adapter can work for other mounts or for other aplications, you can make your own cable according to this table: PC Operation: Once an standard bluetooth dongle is installed on your PC (or the one with your laptop become installed) it creates a wireless serial COM port on your PC, the conection between BTDir  and planetarium software is made throught this bluetooth dongle COM port. In order to use the bluetooth adapter you need first to pair your PC with BTDir adapter, by default the buetooth adapter settings are: Discover name: BTDir Password: By default “1234” Baud rate: 9600, 8, n, 1 That is the usual standard baudrate config that planetarium software works. When succesfully paired all conections will be made from Bluetooth outgoing port, you can see what COM port number has been asigned to BTDir on Control Panel --> Device Manager or bluetooth aplication properties tab. Telescope mount compatibility BTDir EQ6                                     Skywatcher EQ6 / NEQ6 BTDir HEQ5                                   Skywatcher HEQ5 AZ-EQ3 AZ-EQ5 AZ-EQ6 EQ6R-PRO EQ8 BTDir AZ                                        Skywatcher AZ Dobsonians BTDir LX200                                  Meade LX200 LX400 LX600 Classic / GPS *Custom cable making for other mounts or aditional cable purchasing is available, just mail to with information about your mount model.  
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BTDir Model